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About Us

Our combined experience ensures your peace of mind!

In these unprecedented times, three companies – Eco Fire Safety, EFS Systems & Kaizen Industries Ltd, have joined together with a combined 50 years of experience in the following to allow us to bring Bacoban, an anti-microbial solution to protect people in the UK and Europe. Our expertise covers;

  • Global Auditing experience in QA & QC and aligning high volume manufacturing on a global level. 
  • Alignment of Accreditation of those suppliers are in place for the company & product – so YOU the Company – Consumer have piece of mind in purchasing. 
  • Expertise in global logistics to ensure ongoing supply from the manufacture to Customer. 
  • Warehousing and distribution to even single consumer address, as well as companies. 
  • Piece of mind you are purchasing for a UK company that’s has done all the due-diligence of the product and the burden of purchasing and shipping the goods halfway round the world, and you can receive your product within days. 
  •  R&D – the review and consider key methods of ensuring you get the most use from the item you are purchasing.
About Us

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